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Below are a small selection of Welding Fume Extraction Case Studies to show solutions we have installed.

         Case Study - Power Station Welding Extraction (PDF: 74KB)

         Case Study - Welding Fume Extraction Arms (PDF: 66KB)

         Case Study - Welding Fume Extraction Rail (PDF: 162KB)

         Case Study - Large University Contract (PDF: 164KB)

         Case Study - Welding Fume Extraction Arms (PDF: 147KB)

         Case Study - Welding Workshop Extraction (PDF: 62KB) 

         Case Study - Fettling Extraction (PDF: 64KB)

         Case Study - Welding Fume Extraction Crane Arms (PDF: 204KB)

HSE LEV Prosecution

Company fined over £15,000 for not having LEV system tested
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Firm prosecuted for failure to test LEV

Manufacturer prosecuted after failing to ensure a regular service was carried out to an LEV system
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Failure to maintain LEV results in prosecution

Property Company prosecuted for failure to maintain and test LEV systems
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