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Extraction at source is the most effective method of capture and is widely promoted by HSE. On torch extraction has developed rapidly in the last few years and has become more effective and afforable.

The major advantage is that extraction is always on and so the operative does not have to continually reposition a hood. It is especially effective in confined areas and where there are non traditional angles of work - where standard forms of captures (arms or mobiles) are less effective.

Fumes do not travel further than the tip of the torch and so visibility during the job is much better.

Wether it be a fixed position or mobile welding fume extraction system we have a solution suitable for you.

What ever your fume extraction requirements are, we are confident that we can provide you with the solutions you are looking for. For further information or to arrange a free no obligation quotation click here to contact us via E-Mail or call 01709 555501!

On Torch Extract

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LVHV Extraction

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Portable Units

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